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How to directly report spam sites to Google | New Update

Google announced a new feature for reporting search quality issues for user and competitor. In this feedback user form you can solve your issue. As you know Search engine are used for getting information’s, many of website are used to do bad activity like use AI content, spam backlink, paid backlink, hinden text, low quality content and some move activity to manipulate the search engine for getting high ranking.

These types of website make a lot of confusion and waste a lot of time due to their low quality content and so more things.
Thankfull to Google now user can report these website directly to Google. Google Search Quaity User Report give autority to user can explain their issue what issue they are getting on the page.

Google allows users report pages in six different ways, Here are the six categories :

  • The page displays spammy content:  “Pages with irrelevant or useless content that exploit search engine algorithms to appear as relevant results” In this category you have to choose for scraped content, AI content, Keyword Stuffing, Affilation pages, Hacked pages, unsure, user-generated spam, unsure, other. 
  • The page engages in spammy behaviour:  Pages that engage in abusive behaviour to manipulate search engines’ ranking. In this category you can choose for Cloaking and sneaky redirects, hinden text and link, Doorway pages, unsure, other.
  • The page is deceptive: “Pages that do not deliver promised online or real-life services with intent to mislead or defraud the user.” In this category you can choose for misleading user, fraud and scam , unsure, other.
  • The page is low quality: “Poorly written or designed page[s] often created in bulk to attract clicks from users rather than to [genuinely] inform or [entertain].”
  • The page contains paid links: “Pages that contain/receive unnatural, artificial, deceptive, or manipulative inbound or outbound links.” In this category you can choose for bad backlink, paid baclink.
  • Other: “Any other search abuse or exploitative SEO strategy not mentioned above.” In this category you can choose for, Google give you to “exact query that shows the problem,” and theirt are open text field to share other details.

Here are steps to how to directly report spam sites to Google?

Step 1: Visit on https://search.google.com/search-console/report-spam.

Step 2: If you need to, sign in.

Step 3: Enter the page’s URL into the box labelled “Page URL.”

Step 4: Pick the correct answer from the six choices below the box.

Step 5: At the bottom of the page, click Continue.

Step 6: Fill in more information on the next page. This is not a must.

Step 7: Click Submit.

With the help of this we can see best websites on search engine who deserve to rank on 1st page.

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